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Why You Should Look To Tenerife For Your Next Property

Tenerife informationThe Canary Islands are fast emerging as Europe's favourite playground in the sun.

Year-round rays, beautiful scenery, a wealth of activities and a secure but seductive lifestyle have already convinced millions of Europeans that the Canaries hold the key to their dreams.

The eternal freshness and warmth of the islands is unrivalled elsewhere in Europe. And with this in mind, it is little wonder Tenerife's business and investment climate has become equally attractive. Whether you are buying for pleasure or profit, any investment in Tenerife is a sound one.

Opportunities to indulge in history and tradition as well as social and sporting activities are equal. Tenerife is swamped with incredible dive sites and schools. The number of marinas and sailors at the shoreline is ever-increasing. Trekking, cycling, mountain-biking, deep-sea fishing, wind, kite and traditional surfing are a few more reasons why more home-buyers are flocking to Tenerife. And then there is golf.

The island currently has seven world-class golf courses spread largely in the south of Tenerife. The PGA tour often sweeps through Tenerife bringing big name golfers with it. But, for the thousands of amateur golfers who grace the island's green Oceanside fairways all year there are few better places to enjoy uninterrupted round after round.

The flora and fauna of Tenerife is incredibly diverse and incorporated into many aspects of life in Tenerife. Golf courses, archaeological sites, national parks and walks all provide opportunities to enjoy Tenerife's wilderness. Traditional cuisine is healthy and varied on the island, with time-honoured methods of 'catch and serve' still employed. And for a location of such small size, Tenerife has a remarkable number of climates - all undoubtedly beneficial for your disposition.

The island is easily navigated by road with Tenerife's main routes circling Mt. Teide. Santa Cruz is a hidden gem of a European capital, with business and shopping opportunities in abundance.

The standard of Tenerife's beaches is understated in Europe. Tourist attractions are especially unique and equally interesting to residents and visitors alike.

All this has led to the incredible development of southern areas in Tenerife. Demand to acquire a piece of paradise has been immense over the last twenty years and the trend continues to grow.

As a result house prices have increased more than comfortably for those who own a home in Tenerife. Better returns have rarely been found elsewhere in Europe in recent years.

Tenerife offers the homebuyer more than any other European location. Hofman Estates can offer more advice on all of the things we have tempted you with here. And we hate to tell you, but we have barely scratched the surface.